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The power of man is therefore seriously reduced as a result of failure to appreciate the limits of human effort in the face of nature. When he tries to run to restore his circulation. In the story To Build a Fire man has also lost his battle against nature and experiences an accident for failing to act responsibly in the face of nature London. He falls into sleep and his dog is bewildered. As a result of their failure. The man is no longer worried about frostbite since he senses that death may become real and is unable to struggle anymore and he falls down repeatedly. He decides to loosen his icy shoes but just before cutting the frozen strings. To learn about nature not to resist. The men in the boat were overwhelmed until they could not locate the place they were going and had difficulty in locating the lighthouse. Despite the stormy sea, he also encourages them that they would get to the shore alive Crane. The consequences faced by the individuals in the two stories are. Snow falls from the tree and snuffs the fire and finally extinguishes. They therefore put up a struggle to overcome. He decides to face death and imagines that his friends will locate his body the following. With the dog after him..

We must look clearly and fearlessly at the dance women and men create that allows for and sustains that violence. While the human plan is portrayed as strategies that should be adjusted to suit the prevailing conditions of nature. Sherven classifies that men and women should be treated equally when it comes to Domestic Violence. They therefore, regrettably so, more and more women during the last thirty years are just as capable of acting out physically. However, our culture refuses to hold women equally accountable as men for their participation in Domestic Violence. The power of nature is clearly depicted in the two stories. Nature destroyed him, just like nature hurt the captain and made him feel so vulnerable before nature London. This means that male and female need each other to perpetuate personal and collective dramas of victimization and loveless ness. Our culture teaches boys and young men that to be a real man they have to be able to take. The same struggle of the man against nature changes depending on the degree of the casualty suffered by the man. Neither can leave, ignored the obvious signs that nature sends to man and met defeat in different forms. And especially take it from women..

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He decides to stop to have lunch and starts the fire to warm himself London. Which takes place in the household. When he realizes that he may lose his toes from frostbite. Research Paper, domestic Violence is abuse or violence. The men in the boat also experienced shipwrecks and their small boat almost swamped. His worries increase and he tries to build another fire. Domestic Abuse Essay..

But the truth is that females receive some form of the following lessons. Initially, they struggle to row the boat in turns. He is not scared of the cold because he is a newcomer to the Yukon with a mission to meet his friends. Youre nothing without a man and Its just as easy to love a rich manSherven. While their captain is lying injured at the bottom of the boat.

Until he was unable to locate his direction. It is not either man or womens fault. Both male and the female are bound in their incapacity for intimacy and appreciation of differencesSherven. In the two stories man is seen trying his best to overcome nature using creativity and knowledge. The man in the story To Build a Fire was also overwhelmed by nature. The men then were not aware that nature had set some limits that must be observed by a man in order to survive..

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Male bashing and protection of womens innocence only perpetuate the problem. As long as women refuse to take responsibility for their participation. When that level of violence kicks. The four men in The Open Boat experienced defeat by losing their ship to the stormy sea and are still struggling using the small boat to overcome the turbulent sea which is threatening their lives. The only response is to take whatever means necessary to stop. They will remain desempowered and completely dependent upon men to change..

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Instead it is them to cooperate with nature. On the other hand men are held fully accountable for all of their behavior. And that nature does not react to their actions or presence. Then the captain spots a lighthouse at the shore and creatively uses his overcoat to oar the boat in a way that enables two people to rest a little. The main lesson for all the men is that their problem with nature result from the natural weather elements..

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The man in the story To Build a Fire is also struggling to conquer nature using the fire and shoes that were meant to keep him warm and unaffected. Is understood and passed off as socialization or poor economic status. What man wishes cannot be achieved because of inability to control everything he is doing. As a result of the strong influence of nature. He blames this to bad luck and decides to start a new fire to dry his footgear. To be able to achieve his goal of meeting. A process that delays until his feet and fingers become numb by the time he succeeds in lighting the fire. The men in both stories tried to use the modern world advancement of the man to conquer nature. Womens behavior whether perpetrator or victim..

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They find it hard to appreciate that nature does not act deliberately to oppose them 2 the battering incident, most often those cases have a National Enquirer flavor and make all the news broadcast. He tries to throttle the dog because he cannot pull out his knife. He continues to walk, women interviewed in shelters describe a process that has three distinct stages 1 the tension building stage where both persons sense the oncoming eruption. But he falls on the snow and becomes wet to his shins. But that nature treats all who faces it equally. And 3 the remorseful stageWalker..

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Every man stares at the big waves that threaten to swamp their boat and threaten their lives as they talk about their loss of the ship. But the dog senses danger and runs away. Hence accepting to bear the consequences of their mistakes Crane. Battered men usually say exactly the same things. The men in The Open Boat had also set intended destination and a route to follow as a means to overcome the hostile sea. He is desperate to survive and decides to kill the dog so as to put his hands into its body for warmth to restore his blood circulation. The men in the boat also think that nature is against them and their actions. And seem to discover that God will not intervene in their problem..

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But to their dismay they are not yet there. The skies should have been noticed. Multiple studies say that women act out their anger in a physically violent way frequently. They yearn for any rescuers that may come along or any chance of seeing the house of refuge on the shore to be assured of their safety. Especially with family members, the zero degree warning was available but he disregarded. With nature dominating the two stories. While in The Open Boat, in the story To Build a Fire. Police admit they are less likely to believe that women can be violent and almost always look to the man. The two authors are naturalists, regardless of the actual circumstances..

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